Welcome to CORREGEDOR.COM,  established  March, 2001. In developing the site, I wanted to provide wholesome content, and site links that may be of interest.   

A little about us... my wife is Korean and I'm American of Portuguese descent. We both worked for Eastman Kodak Company . I had 31 years (included 4 years serving in the USAF). I later  worked 10 years as a Senior IT Project Manager  with the Rochester City School District.

We are retired.  My Mom was born in Santa Cruz,
Madeira Island  and my Dad  in  New Bedford, Mass., however his parents were from Madeira(the Pearl of the Atlanctic).

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I hope my site will be of interest. It's periodically updated. So please revisit -thank You!

Note:  I'm not responsible for any of the content on the external site links, nor do I profit off  them.

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